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Is Your Organization:
Multi-Touchpoint? Multi-Channel? User-Centric?

Modern Marketing for Associations from HighRoad Solution

If your answer was "no" or "what does that mean?", then this book is for you!

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Includes the American Society of Association Executives' case study on how they've consolidated 12 newsletters into one totally automated & hyper-personalized communication!

The Organizational Mindset Needed to Engage & Delight Individuals

The association industry is in the midst of massive change. Population dynamics are at play, the consumer mindset dominates our members' expectations and we need to revise our programs & methods to successfully attract prospective members. Based on our work with over 400 associations and our participation in the association community as members, partners and supporters, organizations are constantly telling us that they are:

  • Working ever harder to get the same responses from members & prospective members
  • Acknowledging the need to attract new people to the organization, but unclear where to find them or go about engaging them
  • Fear of over emailing constituents to make registration and product revenue goals
  • Feeling that something is missing in current communications
  • Not having the time to measure
  • The need to be strategic, but the pressure to take action so that everything becomes tactical
  • Frustration, demoralization, lack of motivation to make changes due to board members' viewpoints

Thought you were alone? Not in the least! The reason your programs, emails, events, products seem flat is that today's world craves strong brands and your organization has not evolved to satisfy the cravings of your members and prospective members.

We've put together this helpful eBook that outlines the tenets of modern marketing. We also offer a library of on-demand webinars and hold live webinars each month to talk about this topic. Join us, follow us, call/email/tweet--we don't care how you do it, just do it and let's expand the dialogue and understanding as to what modern marketing means to organizations.

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